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Business psychology, which mainly aims at assessing the general behavior of active elements of a business structure and then bringing improvement as per requirements, is an applied science requiring a lot of insight, statistical approach and a systematic work out. It is basically composed of some elements that specifically come handy, when practicing the knowledge in a corporate world. Following are some of the most important elements that are required to build up a reservoir of trends and ‘general patterns’ that are later to be incorporated in promotional business tactics.

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a.                  Performance assessment:

Performance assessment or performance appraisal refers to the measurement of one’s performance in his/her particular field. It actually implies to the comparison between what an individual produces and what is expected to be produced by him/her. This is an important parameter taken up by the business psychologists to determine the productivity of an employee or a candidate for a certain post in the organization. If an employee’s productivity graph is found to be in level with the expectation graph, the employee should be rewarded or at least given a good feed back in order to bring out more productivity. 


b.                  Psychometric tests:

A Psychometric test or commonly called as ‘individual assessment’ is a very effective tool employed in the field of business psychology. This basically involves analyzing an individual closely and the way he conducts affairs. This also implies to making a comparison between certain individuals and psyching out their general abilities. These tests usually include written and intellectual tests, physical tests, psychomotor tests and personality tests.


c.                   Motivation Invoking:

Very often it happens that the employees of an organization become demotivated and detracted from the aspired goals of the organization. In such a scenario, productivity cannot be expected. So, motivation at the work place is very important in order to maintain the level of productivity. This can be attained by rewarding the employees often and arranging motivational seminars and workshops.


d.                  Training and training evaluation:

There is a short period of no productivity following the recruitment of an employee in to the organization. This is largely due to the inexperience and unfamiliarity of the employee with the new work environment. In order to minimize the transition period of an employee from ‘an outsider’ to ‘an honorable member of the organization’, proper training measures must be taken up including workshops, conferences and training sessions.


e.                   Satisfaction evaluation:

Finally, evaluation of the satisfaction an employee has from his/her job is another very important tool in business psychology. It is very fruitful to conduct studies and surveys with in the organization in order to assess the extent to which an employee is satisfied with his/her job. Business psychologists lay an extra emphasis on this parameter as it can feasibly affect the rate of productivity.


f.                   Behavior assessment:

This is yet another important parameter employed in the studies of business psychology. How an employee interacts with his/her colleagues, forerunners and clients is quite necessary to be evaluated.



Ever Think About a Job in the Field of Business Psychology?


You have a degree in psychology and are you maybe having trouble finding a job? This is obviously a big issue for a lot of people exiting college who are entering the workforce. There are still certain subsections of jobs in psychology that are pretty popular even  today. Among those are jobs in the field of business psychology. The reason why some people do not pursue jobs in this specific area of psychology is because they have no idea what a business psychologist does. Just think of all of the training you've had a psychology and now relate it to a business setting. You will be a psychologist in the world of business. Based on the training you received the school you will be able to give certain advice to people in a business setting like a school, hospital, or any other professional institution that is seeking help in this area. What does a business psychologist do? They basically work at fostering an environment where problems can be solved more efficiently. You will help employees harness their good qualities and work on their not so good ones in an effort to improve the company's bottom line.  The role of a business psychologist may also include finding the right people to do certain jobs based on certain personality traits and also managing the resources that come along with a particular project as well. You will also work with people to develop interpersonal skills and also develop ways to bring their individuality to the forefront. As with any job a job in business psychology is all about building relationships. In the role you will be in, having the employees of the business trust in you is essential. The more people trust you as a psychologist the more they will open up to you and thus the more you can help them with any problems they may have. As a manager of people you will have to deal with all different kinds of problems and issues and the better you communicate the better you will handle these types of issues. Another benefit to being a business psychologist is a factor when you come to work every day, no days the same. Add to that, you can pursue a job in business psychology in any kind of environment you wish to work. As long as a company needs to enhance the performance of their employees they will most likely hire a business psychologist to do this. There will be times that the job canbe stressful, but in the end your training and expertise in the field of psychology will get you through those times. When it all is all set and done you will have a very crucial role as to the success or failure of the bottom line of the business in which you work. Hopefully this opens your eyes to a field of psychology you may have never thought about before. Business psychology is one of the growing fields in the world now, and especially in the area of psychology. Take a look at any website and you will most likely see jobs like this posted. Pick and choose the ones that interest you most and you never know you could get your career started as a business psychologist rather soon.

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